The Importance of Restroom Cleaning

27 April 2022

Restroom cleanliness says a lot about the organization. Making the choice to provide clean facilities for both customers and employees sends a positive message. A good restroom cleaning program shows a high level of personal concern and detail that reflects the overall attitude of the company.

So, why does restroom cleaning have such an impact? Using the restroom is a personal experience. But, if you’ve gotta go, you have got to go, regardless of the restroom’s condition. If you have kids, you definitely know this. We have all had to use a dirty restroom. The ones with bad odors, wet floors, no toilet paper or soap. Yes, you probably still got the job done, but the experience was not positive one.

There are three main steps of a restroom cleaning program:

  • Restoration Cleaning
  • Regular or Daily Cleaning
  • Periodic Maintenance Cleaning

Restoration Cleaning

This is where most need to begin. When facilities are not given the correct attention, there is some make-up work to do. Depending on the type of facility, this can be a major undertaking. Restorative cleaning requires specialized cleaning products and equipment. The important thing to remember is that the effort, time and expense spent on restorative restroom cleaning can be avoided in the future. Getting back to “square one” makes daily cleaning much easier.

Areas that should be addressed during restorative cleaning are:

  • Floors
  • Fixtures
  • Dispensers and Receptacles

Regular or Daily Cleaning

Daily restroom cleaning is the most important step when it comes to restroom cleanliness. The majority of restroom issues don't develop in a day or two. They are the result of little things being overlooked for an extended period of time. Ineffective cleaning can allow dirt to be left behind on a regular basis. This leads to bacteria growth and odors. It can also damage restroom fixtures as well.The use of proper restroom cleaning methods combined with effective cleaning tools and products reduces the need for restorative cleaning and periodic maintenance cleaning. This lowers the overall cost to maintain clean restrooms.

Areas included in daily restroom cleaning are:

  • Cleaning Methods
  • Cleaning equipment and tools
  • Floor cleaning procedures
  • Restroom Cleaning Chemicals
  • Fixture cleaning

Periodic Maintenance Restroom Cleaning

While daily restroom cleaning should be the focus ofyour cleaning program, it is important to understand that there are some areas that will need more attention and take more time. Areas like floors and high areas can require specialized equipment to maintain. These steps in the restroom cleaning process should be scheduled on a regular basis, but are not required as frequently as daily cleaning. Consider this a preventive maintenance step that can reduce the need for restorative cleaning.

When it comes to maintaining clean and healthy restrooms, consistency is what is important. Leaning how to avoid issues before they arise will ensure that the restrooms will leave users with a positive impression of your organization.

Restroom Maintenance Essentials handout


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