Viper AS7690T Disc Scrubber - 30", Traction, 312 AH

Viper AS7690T Disc Scrubber - 30", Traction, 312 AH

Item # 10084

  • Prioritize smart performance, simple design, and user-friendly operation for cleaning medium to large sized areas.
  • Solution tank: 22 Gal.; Recovery tank: 24 Gal.
  • Pad/Brush size: (2) 15"; Brush pressure: 77 lbs, 95 lbs, 112 lbs
  • Brush speed: 200 RPM; Brush motor: 2 x 0.66 HP; Drive motor: 0.33 HP
  • Vacuum motor: 0.66 HP; Vacuum capacity: 60"
  • Battery: 312 AH Wet; On-board charger
30", Traction, 312 AH, ea
Manufacturers Item #AS7690T-312

Equipped with dual-brush decks for fast, effective cleaning. An ideal solution for facility-managers and contract cleaners who need impressive results in hard-floor areas, whether they're performing routine cleaning, or heavy-duty scrubbing. Silent mode allows for cleaning in noise sensitive areas and is ideal for daytime cleaning. Traction drive for increased productivity while reducing operator fatigue. Designed for quick and convenient tools free daily maintenance requirements. Intuitive control panel with LCD screen comes standard. Large opening recovery tank and standard debris tray for quick and thorough clean up. Eco mode greatly extends battery run time for greater productivity.


  • Dimensions: 61" L x 38" W w/squeegee, 33" w/o squeegee x 40" H x 26" W
  • Sound Pressure Level: 69 ± 3 dB (A)
  • Sound Level Silent Mode: 65 ± 3 dB (A)
  • Estimated Run Time: Up to 4 hours
  • Theoretical Productivity (max): 32,700 ft2/hr