Advance AquaPLUS™ Carpet Extractor - 20 Gal., w/AXP™

Advance AquaPLUS™ Carpet Extractor - 20 Gal., w/AXP™

Item # 10500

  • AquaPLUS extractors with LIFT (Low-moisture, Indirect spray, Fast dry time, True cleaning) feature a patented spray system for faster dry times.
  • Dual 3 stage bypass vacuum motor
  • Dual 1/2 hp permanent magnet brush motor
  • (4) 250 ah wet-acid batteries, onboard charger
w/AXP™, ea
Manufacturers Item #317005

The new AquaPLUS[TM] and AquaPLUS[TM] AXP[TM] battery-powered walk-behind carpet extractors feature Advance’s patented LIFT[TM] low-moisture technology for a clean that is CRI-certified. AquaPLUS extractors meet CRI seal of approval standards for soil removal and dry times in both LIFT and deep-cleaning restoration mode, giving you the confidence that your carpets will be truly clean and ready to use fast.

(4) 250 ah wet-acid batteries, onboard charger.


  • The single-spray nozzle design eliminates streaking and the possibility of water overlap that can lead to delayed drying.
  • The fast dry time of the AquaPLUS extractors make them ideal solutions for daytime cleaning.
  • No other extractors will give you that certified deep clean and get people back on your carpets in less than 30 minutes.
  • Dual counter rotating brushes.
  • Removable debris hopper.
  • Dual laminar flow vacuum shoes.
  • Large recovery tank opening allows for more complete and thorough cleaning out of the tank.
  • Single spray jet eliminates streaking.
  • Debris hopper is easy to remove and empty.
  • Ergonomic control paddle.
  • Single touch button control sets proper operation of all functions. Simplifies training and consistent use by all operators.
  • Tools-free removable brushes make for easy clean-up after use.
  • Dual vac motors pull more water out of the carpet. Recovery tank lid design allows easy access to batteries.
  • The unique Deep Treat[TM] single-pass, pre-spray feature eliminates clumsy hand-held spray bottles and allows the proper application of pre-spray chemical, minimizing chemical use and costs.
  • The patented AXP system provides the flexibility to clean with any detergent, including those that are green certified.


  • Solution Capacity: 20 gal.
  • Solution Pump: 100 psi diaphragm demand
  • Flow Rates: Restoration mode: 0.81 gpm; Lift[Tm] mode: 0.26 gpm; Deep Treat[TM] pre-spray mode: 0.92 gpm
  • Recovery Capacity: 16 gal.
  • Airflow: 67 cfm
  • Waterlift: 70"
  • Vacuum Shoes: Dual 13.5" dual pivoting laminar flow 45 lb down pressure
  • Brushes: Dual 24" dual counter rotating with debris hopper
  • Brush Speed: 950 rpm
  • Sound Level: 69 dB A
  • Electrical System: 24 V (4) x 6 V batteries
  • Machine Speed: Transport: 220 ft/min; Lift[TM] mode 90 ft/min; Restoration mode 50 ft/min; Light deep treat[TM] mode 150 ft/min; Heavy deep treat[TM] mode 100 ft/min.
  • Coverage Rate: 10,800 ft2/hour Lift mode; 6,000 ft2/hour restoration mode
  • CRI Approval: Bronze for deep cleaning extractors in both restoration mode ad Lift[TM] mode
  • Machine Dimensions: 56" L x 27" W x 43.5" H
  • Machine Weight: 650 lb with batteries/370 lb without batteries